Collaborative technology and sport heritage: The news of MG Motor in the Shanghai Auto Show

April 2021.- Finally, has come the time of opening for MG Motor.

Even though the brand of 97 years old, has already suggest some of the innovations that was going to show in the Auto show of Shanghai (that will be this week), are several news that finally come to life.


One of them is the first super sport cabin, full electric, of the MG Cyberster, which is inspired in the videogames and the virtual experience. With this model the brand gets back to its dreams of sports cars for the young-hearted ones. In addition, the brand officially launched the first co-creation platform “MG CyberCUBE”, in which all consumers could become participants, decision makers and beneficiaries of automobiles production with MG.


Also, between virtual experiences and games, MG presents a series of custom models in its stand, which is getting noticed because of its technology and cutting-edge concepts. For example, they showed a Tuning version of the MG6 XPOWER, which is a special edition of the MG6 for video games, additionally, new versions of the MG 5 and related products like electromobility as the MG6 PHEV. 


Cyber attitude


Taking into account the younger generations and their needs, with the digital trends that are taking shape, MG created a new product line called “Dream Technology incubator – MG Cyber” and their five key concepts are: C-Co Creation, Y-Young, B-Beyond, E-Evolution and R-Recreation. 


The first project of this line is known as MG Cyberster, which incorporates the new design philosophy of MG named “High Energy Romanticism”, which makes a great impression since the revelation of the first pictures of the sports vehicle. In its exhibition on the Auto Show of Shanghai, you could see the details like its front body “Wild Hunter”, the “Magic Eye” interactive lights, the lateral line “Laser Belt” and the rear lights “Red Wing”, all of this with the back design Kammback.


As it was previously announced, the model could reach an 800 KM autonomy, thanks to its battery and its new develop motor that allow it to speed up from 0 to 100 km/h in three seconds. Also, has a 3-level autonomy and exclusive customization for each vehicle user. 


 Joint creation and sport heritage


Another landmark of MG for this Auto Show of Shanghai is the opening of the first joint creation platform of automobiles, called MG CyberCUBE. As an example, “with the introduction of the MG Cyberster people ask if it will be a conceptual car or will be in production. The answer will be known with a bold business and open mind, where the users of the joint creation platform will determine this kind of solution”, told the brand. 


The MG CyberCUBE platform is divided in two main areas: crowdfunding and crowd creation. The first one, determines if the vehicle will be manufactured and the second determines how it will be. 


But not all is related to future mobility; MG Motor is doing a wink to its sport history and also has something to the ones that are looking for passion on the road. In the 2020’s the brand has excellent results in the TCR competitions in China with the MG XPOWER. The brand continues to give a younger look to their sport area and this year will launch official versions on this line. 


Electromobility upwards


More than 160 vehicles SAIC MOTOR, MG Motor manufacturer (with other brands) will be showing in the Shanghai Auto Show, with more than 10 world debuts. Following one of their main goals, one third of the exhibition will be focused on the new energy vehicles. 


An example of this is the new electric vehicles brand SAIC Motor, IM Motor in alliance with Alibaba. In this opportunity they will show the IM L7, a deluxe intelligent electric car, which can go inside and out of the parking, following a navigation map. Also, will be present the Marvel R, the first intelligent electric SUV which is equipped for 5G connection. 


In 2020, the sale of this kind of vehicle increased 73,4% in a year, with 320 thousand vehicles.


From the brand proposal and the reorganization of the service, MG translates their three main pillars “globalization, digitalization and rejuvenation” from inside out, showing that in its core, MG is committed, does not go blind and never gives up. In 2021 the brand will continue to focus on “Custom sport tuning”, “Fashion and trends”, “Smart technology” and “eSports”, to show the young attitude which distinguishes the MG brand.