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Quick guides

Want to find out about MG cars but haven’t got the time to read a whole manual? No problem. We’ve compiled quick MG guides for all current MG models, where you can learn the most important details about all the cars in our current range.

Driving tips

Tips for night driving

When driving at night, make sure your headlights are working properly. This ensures that you will have the proper brightness for visibility when driving, as well as the certainty that other drivers will see you.

Driving in the rain

It is recommended to keep a prudent distance from other vehicles during traffic, considering that tires grip to the ground is reduced. Always remember the entire weight of the vehicle and your safety depends on tires maintaining good adherence as you drive down the road.

Driving on ice or snow

Consider equipping your tires with chains. This will increase traction, decrease uncontrolled drifting, improve maneuverability and enhance the passive safety your vehicle offers. Consider slowing down and lowering speed. That way your vehicle's transmission will help you have better traction on the road.

Tips for driving on foggy roads

One of the most important recommendations when driving in fog is that you should reduce or moderate your speed according to the visibility conditions. It is also extremely important to use fog lights (both front and rear). We do not recommend that you drive at high speeds or use high beams.


Driving tips

Performance and battery

Performance and battery

Enhance your EV's performance

To avoid premature discharge, we suggest that you avoid abrupt and irregular acceleration. Progressive acceleration behavior, steady and stable driving ensures longer battery life and overall performance of your vehicle. If it´s not necessary to use complementary driving systems, don`t use them since it´ll also help your car's battery to have a higher autonomy.


Improve your car performance

Check tire pressure according to the indicated recommendation, perform the suggested maintenance, since failure to comply with this guideline may result in less performance, both in fuel and in the power that the vehicle offers. Use genuine spare parts to guarantee your vehicle's performance. Using substitute parts can reduce fuel efficiency, power and some safety features.


Optimal Tire Pressure

The optimum tire pressure will always be on the passenger door, as well as in the owner's manual. Don't forget to always check spare tire pressure. We also recommend regular tire pressure checks, at least once a month. Don't forget that tires are the four elements that keep us in control on the road. Don't underestimate them!

Ways to prolong the lifetime of your car battery

Perform regular vehicle maintenance. By doing so, you will assure that the battery charging system is working properly. It is recommended to disconnect battery terminals if you are not using your vehicle for a long period of time to avoid discharging the battery (to disconnect, always remove the positive terminal and then the negative terminal).

Common mistakes of the new driver

Excessive brake engagement. It is always better to maintain an adequate distance and make progressive braking, as this will ensure your safety and extend the life of your car. Also, it is highly recommended not to use poor quality or generic parts, since the use of these, exposes you to lose the features or benefits that your MG has when it leaves the factory.

Common mistakes during tire changes

A common mistake when replacing tires is failing to check that the jack is on a firm and stable surface. Failure to ensure this risks the integrity of the person who changes the tire as well as the success of the replacement process.

Dashboard and other tips

Most common myths related to your car

In case of mechanical transmissions, there is a myth that going downhill in neutral saves fuel. This is neither real nor effective, as it negates the effect of the engine brake, which is indispensable for your car's brakes. So never follow this myth, because it can definitely affect your safety.

What do lights on the dashboard mean?

They indicate different signals, one of one of them indicates that control modules of the vehicle are activated when an anomaly is detected in the operation of any of the built-in systems. In this case, we suggest that you check the vehicle's manual, where you will find a detailed step-by-step guide to identify the anomaly or information that your car is displaying under certain conditions and circumstances.


Cleaning your car's exterior

A frequent mistake is to dry clean the dust and dirt from the external bodywork. This creates small scratches that take the shine off your car's paint. Instead, we suggest wetting the bodywork to remove any dust or debris present. Other mistake is washing the engine compartment with water. Applying water directly can affect the vehicle's electrical and electronic systems. We suggest cleaning with a damp cloth to remove dirt.


Dashboard and other tips