Owners / After Sales

All new MG vehicles need to be serviced at regular intervals. Please refer to your service and warranty manual located in your vehicle for full information or contact your local MG Dealership.

Get benefits from original spare parts and services

To service your car with MG, is the best way to guarantee the performance and reliability in the long term. Also, you can be sure your MG is getting the best attention, with original spare parts and trained technicians, which can give you a professional and accurate diagnosis.

Service intervals: Timing chain and spark plugs

We recommend that every 10,000 km or 6 months (whichever comes first) you can go to your dealer and take your MG to Service. With this, our team of expert technicians will be able to carefully analyze your performance, according to a rigorous checklist, identifying any alerts.

With MG service you will always be benefit

This is the best way to guarantee the long-term performance and reliability of your MG, as it ensures that it is receiving the best possible care, with original parts and specialized MG technicians.


  • Trained technicians in our MG plant
  • Guaranteed original pieces and materials assembly 
  • Navigation / Smartphone (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto)
  • Car service is made based on engineering specifications of MG Motor Australia 

MG vehicles are renowned worldwide for providing unsurpassed quality and reliability.