Compromise MG

Buying a MG is a smart buy, because you are investing in safety, quality, and design. Thanks to our automotive engineering experience (of almost one century), which has put MG inside the industry, you can be sure that our car line could endure any challenge.

Check terms and conditions of the warranty with your local dealer. More information here.



It is mandatory that the warranty conditions comply with: 

  1. All complaints must be notified on the local MG authorized distributor or dealer, and following their instructions. 
  2. All repairs, corrections, maintenance or assembly of spare parts and accessories, should be on the MG authorized distributor or dealer, according to their instructions. 
  3. The vehicle should have their maintenance records according to the manufacturer guidelines.
  4. All maintenance operations should be done according to the Maintenance Plan. 



  1. It is guaranteed repair, replacement or adjustment, without any additional charge from the MG authorized dealer or distributor, of any piece that could fail during the warranty period, as a result of a manufacturing failure or material failure. 
  2. The maintenance or repair should use original MG spare parts. 
  3. To use the warranty, you should go to your closest MG authorized dealer for analysis and repair. 


This scope of Warranty does NOT cover:  

  1. Any failure caused by inadequate storage methods as motor failure or fuel system failure caused by stagnant oil or fuel, among others. 
  2. Battery discharge or paint damage for environment agents. 
  3. Any object that needs replacement or maintenance due to normal wear, such as tires, braking pads, clutch cover, lights and windscreen wiper, as an example. 
  4. Any failure caused for lack of maintenance or lack of fuel, oil, lubes or coolant recommended for the manufacturer. 
  5. Damage caused for not following the maintenance instructions in the user manual. 
  6. Damages caused for substance dropping (chemicals, acid rain), stones, hail, lightning bolts, earthquakes, flooding, etc. 
  7. Damages to vehicles caused by non-authorized products for MG. 
  8. Damage to vehicles caused by crash, fire, explosion, theft or attempted robbery, unfavorable weather conditions, car accidents, riots, etc. 
  9. Damages caused for inadequate usage and poor maintenance, including overload or using the car for racing. 
  10. Damages caused for modifications on the car (including body, chassis, power train electronic system and other). 
  11. Any change or disconnection of the pedometer of the vehicle (if it is not performed for the MG authorized dealer or distributor). 
  12. Any financial expense out of the warranty, like loss on the vehicle usage, wadges losses, complaints, storage costs, car rental expenses, lodging cost, food or trip expenses, etc. 
  13. All repairs and maintenance should be in the authorized distributor or dealer.