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About us

Our history is long. so buckle up.

British iconic heritage

British iconic heritage

The engine that drives us

A heritage and design that wraps each model in a free spirit and unique emotion since 1924, delivering vehicles focused on passionate consumers looking for new challenges.

MG Innovation

Nearly a century creating experiences

Only a few actively dedicate themselves to create unique designs, that' s where we have stood out since our beginnings from Cecil Kimber's premise: to offer accessible, attractive vehicles while maintaining the bold spirit that characterizes each of our models.

Nearly a century creating experiences

MG Awards

Galardones MG

Premios que avalan la calidad de nuestros productos, entregados por la gente y la prensa.

MG Future

Connecting people with tomorrow

We truly believe in the democratization of technology, so our future is no exception. Discover our concept models, that have provided design looks to current MG models, alongside newly launched models that give a wink to MG's sporty spirit.

Nearly a century creating experiences


Design, the heart of creativity

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The London Studio

Creative team that comes from all over the world and Europe, bringing cultural diversity to our production, becoming a creative center where designers develop innovative proposals to improve MG. In doing so, we will be able to demonstrate our avant-garde and technological position.

Every year we are proud to sponsor and participate in a great communal variety of events.

Our ambassors

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Our ambassors

Flavia Laos - MG HS

Flavia is so many-side as her HS. Both have travelled, have doing photoshoots and even have appear in Tv shows, they are great life companions. Follow her career and her experience on the HS, The perfect looking SUV.

Nikko Ponce - MG RX5

Music moves him and his RX5 is the best partner. Meet Nikko’s journey and what the future will bring him on this SUV, focused on unique experiences, always in comfort.

Macla Yamada - MG ZX

Energetic, free spirit and passionate, Macla brighten everywhere she goes. With her faithful companion ZX, both encourage animal rescue, and she is the voice of the ones who does not have it. Her ZX is the engine to changes lives.

Gino Assereto - MG 6

Sports and healthy life drives Gino. He travels on his MG 6, enjoying the landscapes and singing out loud, while our fastback and its sport design take him to roads never seen before.

Magdalena Müller - MG ZX

Magda is pure joy, youth and energy, in other words, everything our ZX represents. Although, they just started their journey together, we know they both will have great adventures and a lot of stories to tell.

Cami Andrade - MG 3

Cami represents all the MG 3 essence, she is happy, encouraging, practical and is always looking for new things to do. “Pitu” is the name she gave to her car, and is her perfect partner to move fast and with style through the city.

Main Partners

Sporting Cristal

In order to continue getting closer to the Peruvian market and support local soccer through a model institution, as of 2019, we shine on this team's jerser sleeves.

Sporting Cristal

CONMEBOL Sudamericana

We are sponsors of one of the biggest sporting events in South America, as part of our positioning strategy closely linked to the most popular sport in the world.

CONMEBOL Sudamericana


Major Partners

Sporting Cristal CONMEBOL Sudamericana