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British iconic heritage

The engine that drives us

A heritage and design that wraps each model in a free spirit and unique emotion since 1924, delivering vehicles focused on passionate consumers looking for new challenges.

Our Heritage

Future inspires us


The first MG is born

Bored in the sales department, Cecil Kimber takes a chance in the garage to design. He finishes his own version of the Morris Car, the Old Number One and registering the patent on May 1st of that year.


The first record is break

The MG K3 Magnette triumphant emerges on the Mille Miglia. MG was the first non-Italian brand to wining the 1.100 cc.


The beginning of a post-war fashion

After World War II, allied soldiers fell in love of its design, that start the brand expansion around the world. It launches the MGT-C, full with the latest accessories and design, it sold almost 2000 units in time record!


The year of the Classic Magnette

The MGZ-B Magnette, became the favorite of all in a very short time, because of its good performance and amazing features.


Breaking records twice

The MG EX181 set a world record reaching 395,32 Km/h speed, and two years later breaks its own record, reaching 410,24 Km/h in Bonneville Salt Flats, Salt Lake.


My name is Bond, MGA Bond

The MGA was an upgrade of the popular MGA 1.500, equipped with a 1.588 cc engine, which give the MGA an extra of 79 Hp.


Prince Charles become a fan

The MGB sold more than 5 million in all over the world, becoming in the most affordable sport vehicle. Prince Charles had an MGC GT, successor of the MGB, and giving it to his son 30 years after.


Best things come in small packages

After Abingdon close, a lot of people think that was the end of the MG era, but emerged stronger and launching MG Metro.


The five-door fans arrived

The Metro open path for the MG Maestro, a five-door hatchback, with awesome performance and driving, and then the MG Maestro Turbo.


A new beginning

MG marks the beginning of the new century with the MG TF, an upgrade of MGF. It follows the high-performance hatchback MG ZR and two sport.


MG reborn from SAIC

The MG brand and its Longbridge plant were acquire by Nanjing Automobile. In 2007 it opens the way to SAIC Motor and MG come backs as MG Motor.


An icon is born

MG introduces the MG 3, making an instant success. With its modern design, vibrant colors and amazing features, it gave wings to those who want to feel free.


The first SUV is launched

Always with the flag of Innovation, MG launches the MG GS, the first SUV of MG. Its agility and performance allow the drivers to take their MG in and outside the road.


MG and its new DNA

The arrival of the MG ZS and the MG RX5 strengthen the new future of the brand, stepping forward to the cutting-edge design and advanced technology.


"Best Value Car" Award

The All New MG 3 is recognized as "Best Value Car" in Chile by the automobile press. Additionally, we launched the second generation of the MG 6 sedan, featuring its Liftback, Sleek and Sporty styling lines.


The year of MG

Becomes "Best Brand" in Chile, award given by the automotive press to those that stand out for their sales success.


Future and passion that moves us

MG Motors joins CONMEBOL Sudamericana as an official sponsor of the regional tournament, gaining fans throughout South America.