What do young people look for in a car?

Connectivity, smart mobility, and a good experience are some of the characteristics that millennials are looking for when purchasing a vehicle.


August 2020.- As it already is characteristic, August becomes the best month to take advantage of the automotive industry offers before the end of year. 


“For some time, it was said that millennials don’t purchase as many vehicles. But as this segment gets older, their transportation needs have changed and we have noticed that models such as the MG 3 and MG ZS have positioned themselves as the most popular”, comments Germán Zapata, Senior Sales Manager of SAIC Motor, manufacturer company and owner of MG Motor.


In general, the experience a product brings and the ability to differentiate from others and feel unique are some of the aspects that catches the attention of the millennial buyer. To this, we must add connectivity, an essential aspect for a generation that has grown with technological advances and smartphones.


Practical and ecological


“A factor that younger buyers also consider is price, since they are more pragmatic when it’s time to choosing. Thus, being more aware of what they want when it comes to characteristics, but without leaving aside the fun part of driving and that is something that we privilege. Offering models that are fun to drive with a good price to quality ratio that is reinforced further through our campaigns”, adds Zapata.


In case of the MG 3 hatchback “it has a more urban profile for people looking to move easier through the city and find parking space fast. Also, we offer automatic options that makes it even more practical in urban areas.” This model is available in four versions with a 1.5L engine and two equipment options: automatic or mechanic transmission.


Among its features, it comes with LED lights, rear-view camera and sensor, in-board computer, tire pressure monitoring and a radio with Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth and USB port. When it comes to safety, it includes up to 4 airbags, speed sensitive door locking, ABS with EBD and Curve Control.


For the past few months MG ZS, one of the most popular models, has been leading sales in its segment for the very characteristics previously mentioned. Also, coming in four versions, with mechanical and automatic transmission, the SUV incorporates panoramic sky roof, Push Button Start and Cruise Control. When it comes to connectivity, it has an 8’ touchscreen with Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, rear-view camara and sensor.


When it comes to safety, it includes up to 6 airbags, Stability Control, Traction Control, Tire Pressure Monitoring and Hill Launch Assist, among others.



Smart mobility is another aspect that buyers consider “since new generations are the most concerned about the environment. This has influenced in the development of more efficient engines and new sources of energy such as electromobility. As a brand, we have worked with NetBlue (combustion) and NetGreen (electrical) technologies and are now available in all our models,” ends Zapata.