MG Tips: Recommendations for remote work during the quarantine period

Septiembre 2020.- Ahora nos trasladamos hasta Chile, un importantísimo país para MG Motors y para la industria automotríz de nuestro contienente, específicamente porque se comienza a despejar el camino para el mercado automotor, luego que el último informe de la Asociación Nacional Automotriz de Chile (ANAC) mostrara un repunte en la venta de vehículos durante agosto. Según el reporte, entre las principales razones del alza se encuentran la entrada a la fase de transición de varias comunas del país, el esfuerzo hecho por las marcas en los últimos meses para implementar nuevos canales de venta y campañas de ofertas para los consumidores, y el retiro del 10% de los fondos de la AFP.


June 2020.- While we must take care of vehicles during the pandemic, it is also important to try to achieve a balanced life between remote work and home life. This lifestyle change presents different challenges for people, whether they live alone, accompanied, with children, or pets.


Therefore, from MG through MG Care, we are concerned not only about the cars, but also about sharing the following recommendations to make this quarantine as much more bearable as possible.


“This pandemic has profoundly affected how we work and interact, and we have not been exempted from it at MG. We are concerned about delivering good service, but we also believe that it is important to take care of our routine and that we all take care of each other to recover from this situation as soon as possible,” says German Zapata, Senior Sales & Country Manager of SAIC Motor, MG’s owner and manufacturer.  


In between juggling household chores, supporting the family, and trying to be efficient at work, some days feel like an uphill battle. However, with these small tips, the road can be made a bit easier.


  1. Establish a schedule pattern to help you stay effective during the day. While it may be difficult, it is important to maintain sleep and incorporate exercise into your day if possible. Consider taking a break between waking up and going to work to make yourself a coffee or breakfast and clear your mind before starting your day.
  2. Build a work environment at home that facilitates the task. Whether it is at the dining room table, on the couch, or another preferred location, it is important to get out of bed during work hours and create the feeling of “going to work” to stay focused and alert. If possible, try to be as exposed to a natural light source as possible. 
  3. Not everyone is camera-friendly when it comes to remote work and video calls. However, body language helps to better empathize with each other and have a better understanding of the message, which makes communicating with the team easier. This doesn’t necessarily mean dressing in work clothes, but it’s not good to stay in pajamas either. Casual attire is sufficient. 
  4. When it comes to video calls, it is good to consider a moment during the week or once a month to have a “virtual coffee”. Enjoying time with your colleagues in a more relaxed way helps support the relationships among the team when working remotely. Just like you, your colleagues may have other concerns that may be affecting them, and having a distracting moment helps to clear the mind.
  5. Although being at home may be more comfortable, they are not made for working. Consider trying some of these tips to make working remotely more bearable. Is the environment too noisy? Try noise-canceling headphones to better isolate ambient noise. Are you not comfortable in your chair? Add lower back support. Is the computer too small for you? Use a mouse or an external keyboard to be more comfortable.
  6. You started working and all of a sudden it is getting dark? You can easily lose track of time when you’re sitting around all day. Therefore, it is important to set alerts during the day so that you do not miss lunch or take a well-deserved break.
  7. One of the effects of spending so much time at home is a lack of energy. Although it is tempting to stay in bed or on the couch, it is good to move your body for a few minutes, either with some stretching, an exercise routine, or a few minutes of dancing. Doing so will get you back in the game.
  8. Despite the stress of working from home, doing so is an opportunity to enjoy other things, such as petting your pets, listening to your favorite music, or using the time you used to commute from home to the office to do other things like reading, gardening or just enjoying doing nothing.