2nd Anniversary: 'MG Beyond'

SAIC DESIGN ADVANCED LONDON is celebrating 2 years since it first opened its doors as an Advanced Design center for SAIC Motor and SAIC Design network. Starting September 19, 2018, we have expanded to become a highly innovative international outpost for SAIC, driving design exploration and pushing forward the range of ideas for its MG and ROEWE automobile brands.

Throughout the global pandemic that began in 2020, SAIC DESIGN ADVANCED LONDON has been fully operational supporting our Shanghai headquarters studio, as well as developing independent design research studies, concept car proposals, and pre-production projects for the MG and ROEWE brands.

Our team is growing and we have hired several new team members over the past few months. As a result, the studio’s capacity is booming.

To celebrate our second anniversary, three of our most experienced designers were asked to let out their creativity in a project brief to visualize and create a futuristic scenario with a positive vision in such a challenging time.

Over the past few weeks, the project has been in development as we were able to return to the studio and collaborate closely after months of working remotely.

As a small, inventive team, we have enjoyed being back together in the same space exchanging ideas and discussing them to further our thinking and encourage new ideas.


We have always been hampered in our connection with technology by our ability to humanize machines. It’s a cold one-way system. A world where a computer can interact on an emotional level opens up endless opportunities for us to take our connection further.

There is a future where the world is built through Artificial Intelligence. Information and technologies have reached unprecedented levels of speed and complexity, and have become increasingly sophisticated in their capabilities. AI has evolved to further improve our communities, our lives, and our experiences bringing our physical and digital worlds ever closer than ever before.

The development of BIOcomputing has been combined with AI to transform what was once limited to a black box device into a living, integrated part of everyday life; these digital structures are as alive as we are, capable of expressing messages of moods and emotions in a much more physical way, using colors, shapes and sounds to communicate beyond what was previously only possible with words and graphics.

AI is not simply considered as a personal assistant, but rather as an extension of the family, home, community, and movement.

Our roads have been illuminated by this technology providing us with a new mobility experience that embraces both the emotional side of movement and the intelligent side of technology.

Automobiles have evolved into complex shapes, which reflects the desire for natural aesthetics and their technological prowess. Restricted by speed, aerodynamics is a critical factor for efficiency, comfort, and experience.

The AI is powered through a "core" located at the front of the car, with fluid energy traveling through biotechnology on the road surface and being transferred to the car. This highly efficient and ultra-fast energy and information transfer deliver a seamless and unrestricted mobility experience.

“MG Beyond” was an experiment to celebrate the technical and inventive abilities of SAIC DESIGN ADVANCED LONDON, providing an opportunity to expose an assumption of what the future would look like.

At SAIC DESIGN ADVANCED LONDON we seek to deliver not only new design languages but compelling stories and future scenarios that our clients can dream about.


The year 2020 has been particularly challenging for everyone and everywhere in the world. We hope that through this imaginative experiment we can bring some hope to the automotive design community and network.