SAIC Motor develops a new air conditioner capable of eliminating microorganisms

March 2020.- The automotive manufacturer and MG owner, SAIC Motor, unveiled its new air conditioning system for vehicles that has disinfectant functions. To operate, it uses deep-wave ultraviolet light rays (between 200 and 350 nanometers) that are also used in the medical field and can inactivate different types of microorganisms.


At the same time, SAIC Motor developed a disinfection box with the same technology. It is the first of its kind in the automotive industry and can sterilize the surface of automobile interiors. Both products (patent pending) represent an effort by SAIC Motor to create state-of-the-art products for both the vehicle and automotive industries.


Caring for the environment


SAIC Motor’s new system uses photochemical reactions of UV rays on microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses to destroy their molecular structures and kill growing and regenerative cells. The air conditioner is also equipped with a HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filter, which absorbs or blocks particles in the air working in conjunction with ultraviolet technology.


As a result, the system can not only absorb or block particles but also “destroy” bacteria and viruses in the air conditioning filters.


Given the characteristics of the Deep UV rays, these do not generate ozone, so that the disinfection system in the air conditioning will not have harmful effects on the interior of the vehicle and the people inside the vehicle. Initially, the product will be sold as an accessory, and then it will become part of the car’s equipment with the possibility of being operated by remote control.


Therefore, through its different development areas, SAIC Motor will continue to develop mobility products and services, both for MG vehicles and the manufacturer’s other brands, to create a cleaner and safer automotive environment and making greater contributions to epidemic control.