SAIC Design celebrates the second anniversary of its state-of-the-art London studio

September 2020.- Since it began operations on September 19, 2018, the Advanced Design Center at SAIC, MGs manufacturer, has become an important component in the firm’s creation of innovative and forward-thinking designs.

Located in London, the studio maintained its functions throughout the pandemic providing comprehensive support for the Shanghai design center, while also conducting independent research, concept car proposals, and pre-production projects for MG and Roewe brands, both manufactured by SAIC Motor.

To celebrate their second anniversary, three senior designers were given the challenge to imagine and create an envisioned future scenario with a positive vision for this challenging time.

“Our connection with technology has always been hindered by our ability to humanize machines. It’s a cold one-way system. A world where a computer can interact back on an emotional level creates infinite opportunities for us to take our connection beyond”, commented our MG Beyond Concept studio.

A future in which the world is built around the community through Artificial Intelligence (AI). Information and technologies have reached unprecedented levels of speed and complexity reaching even more sophisticated capabilities. AI has evolved to empower communities and enhance people’s experiences bringing the physical and digital worlds closer together than ever before.

The development of bionic technology, combined with reactive 3D surfaces and materials has combined with AI to transform what was once limited to a device into an indispensable and integrated part of everyday life.

Therefore, within the MG Beyond concept, digital structures can show complex messages of moods and emotions physically, using colors, shapes, and sounds to communicate beyond what was previously only possible with words and graphics.

Roads are also “lit up” by this technology, offering a new mobility experience that embraces both the emotional side of the movement and the intelligent side of travelling from one place to another.

By introducing high-speed routes, long-distance vehicle travel will be facilitated. Transit ports will be extended throughout cities to provide people greater freedom. Thus, roads will incorporate AI elements that interact with the car to communicate speed, destination or simply enhance the travel experience.

The vehicle of the future

Automobiles are evolving toward complex shapes that reflect the desire for natural beauty and high technology. Since speed is limited, aerodynamic performance is a key factor in efficiency, comfort, and driving experience.

The exterior design embodies the combination of classic emotional design forms and sleek, smooth lines. The front and rear of the cabin are covered by aerodynamic blades heralding the advent of an era of speed and movement. Destined to travel on intelligent highways, the vehicle travels the roads on straight tracks and sweeping curves that allow them to reach high speed to go further in less time.

To move, the “core” at the front of the car communicates with the bionic technology of the road. This efficient and ultra-fast transmission of energy and information provides a seamless and unrestricted mobile experience.


MG Beyond is an experiment to celebrate the creative and technical capabilities of SAIC Advanced Design Studio in London offering a moment to showcase a glimpse of possible futures beyond what is known today, exploring not only novel design languages but also introducing compelling stories and future scenarios that fulfill users’ dreams.