MG unveils new electric sports car concept for 5G era

May 2020.- The future intelligence has begun to become a reality with the release of images of the first 100% electric roadster from Morris Garages. Considering the direction of the upcoming technology (an intelligent interconnection era powered by 5G) and incorporating aesthetic features of the virtual era, MG expressed its vision in the Cyberster, a concept car for the next generation that seeks an intelligent vehicle that makes them feel they are living a science fiction story.


The recent pictures of the MG Cyberster shatter the limitations imposed on traditional sports cars. This roadster’s inspiration originates from cyberspace, which is a virtual world that has fundamentally changed not only the way we see the world, but also brings an immersive experience to the virtual world delivering a new form of electric sports car in the 5G era, enhancing the futuristic look and emphasizing the cutting-edge personality and attitude that will be trending in the next generation. Once combined with cyberspace, the Cyberster disrupts the boundaries between reality and virtuality, helping MG pioneer the era of the all-electric sports car.


Technologies are just round the corner


Even though the MG Cyberster aims at the future, its concept integrates within its design, 5G and level 3 autonomous driving technologies that SAIC Motor, MG’s manufacturer, is already testing on the streets.


Thus, the model incorporates a state-of-the-art intelligent cabin, mobile internet, intelligent driving, and SAIC Motor’s electric technology for the 5G era, which ushers in a series of MG’s intelligent driving products, while being embedded in the brand’s globalization process.


By leveraging the experience and competitive advantages of a giant such as SAIC Motor, combined with the manufacturer’s “New Four Modernizations” development strategy, MG is accelerating its pace towards a global stage.


MG’s new stage, oriented towards the upcoming century, is about to begin starting with the MG Cyberster concept, a small electric roadster, which will be the core of MG’s production models, with a young and sporty profile and an elegant and intelligent driving.