Interior Space, Capacity and Design: Unique Characteristics that place MG at the Top of Sales

July 2020.- Some of the elements that people search in a vehicle and that keep MG ZS in the first place of June’s best-selling SUVs are: functionality, capacity to place children’s seats and bring the rest of the family, connectivity, and safety.


People have a great liking for the MG ZS and for what we have seen, owners get very attached to the vehicle. Some highlighted aspects we find are its interior space (that is one of our characteristics as a brand), comfortability, and design. Panoramic sky roof is also an element that it’s enjoyed, due to its amplitude and the luminosity it brings to the SUV,” comments Christian Scheel, Product Manager of SAIC Motor, MG manufacturer.


SUV, available in four versions, carries a 1.5 engine with 114 hp of power and 150 Nm torque under the hood. It offers the option of a mechanical and automatic transmission, plus two levels of equipment for the taste of each user. Its length is 4.3 meters, and it possesses a trunk capacity of 448 liters (1,166 liters with its seats folded). The SUV also includes in its equipment LED day lights, roof rails, push button start, Cruise Control and rear-view mirror defogger.


When it comes to safety, it has up to 6 airbags, ABS brakes with EBD and traction and stability control. It also includes other systems such as hill launch assist, rear camera and rear park sensor, curve brake control and tire pressure monitoring, among others.


In the item of connectivity, it comes with an 8” touchscreen radio with Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay system and USB port.



With an Urban Spirit


MG 3 is another vehicle that last month positioned in the seventh place among the best-selling cars.


Also available in four versions with a 1.5 engine, MG 3 comes with a mechanic (105 hp/135 Nm) or automatic (110 hp/150 Nm) transmission, being one of the few brands that offer this in its segment.


Similar to its older brother when it comes to equipment, the hatchback comes with an 8” touchscreen radio, USB port, Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay connection.


When it comes to driver assistance, MG 3 comes with a rear-view camera and sensor with dynamic lines. For safety, its equipped with up to 4 airbags, ABS brakes with EBD and Curve Brake Control.


“This has been one of the star models of MG due to its combination of price to quality ratio, and a good design. It has transformed into a great option for those who are buying a vehicle for the first time or looking for a car to move easily around the city. These are the qualities that made it worth it of the award for Best Value Car in two opportunities,” adds Scheel.


The success of MG Motor, that received Best Brand award this year, is not only because of its models but also that “people see a concern that goes beyond cars. For example, through MG Care, we not only care about vehicles, but also try to support our clients through MG Tips and advices on how to take care of your car at home, or how to disinfect your vehicle in case of going out, or even suggestions on how to make work from home easier.”