Auto sales prove to be a stimulus for the economy

September 2020.- We are now moving to Chile, a key country for MG Motors and the automotive industry in our continent, specifically because the road is beginning to clear for the automotive market since the latest report from the National Automotive Association of Chile (ANAC) has shown an upturn in vehicle sales during August. According to the report, one of the main reasons for the increase is the entry into the transition phase of several country districts, as well as the effort made by the brands in recent months to implement new sales channels and offer campaigns for consumers, and the withdrawal of 10% of the retirement funds.



“As a brand, we have been making the necessary efforts to give our customers the best options and deals through our OhMG! campaign, which has positioned us in the first place by origin and has allowed us to remain in tenth place in the overall brand ranking so far this year,” says Alfredo Guzman, Market Intelligence & Strategy Research Manager of SAIC Motor, MG manufacturer.


Besides benefitting from the promotional season, adds Guzman, “in the current economic context, people are looking to make a better use of their money through a rational purchase, in which they can buy their preferred car, with the equipment they want, but without overspending”. 


For example, these features have helped models, such as the MG ZS and the MG 3, to rank first in SUV sales and seventh in passenger car sales, respectively.



“We believe this upturn will continue in September, as more districts will be released from quarantine. Moreover, as a Brand we will continue with our sales offerings during the month so that people who have not had the opportunity to buy a car can do so with peace of mind since we have online sales channels and all the security protocols for the pandemic are in place in the open offices,” concludes Guzman.