Utility and Versatility: Key factors for women when it comes to choosing a vehicle

The percentage of male and female users (between 18 and 50 years old) is pretty even among both genres, according to MG Motor.



March 2021.- Women are a fundamental part in the decision of purchasing a car. And as more and more enter the workplace, they are making this decision for themselves while considering different factors at the moment of choosing their own medium of transport.


“Even though is generally believed that men buy more cars, we as a brand see that the percentage of men and woman (between 18 and 50 years old) is quite similar. This makes us think in the benefit of our vehicles and how to keep improving in order to offer good products to those who represent more than half of the population”, Christian Scheel, Product & Sales Manager of SAIC Motor, owner and manufacturer of MG Motor comments.


“Since they know what they want they study the products very well at the time of purchase, especially if they are making investments of this type. They know the cars they want, and they know their competition.” the executive adds.



Modern Consumers


When it is time to go out, women look to do so in a dependable way. Something hat has increased even more with the arrival of the pandemic. Hence, the preference of acquiring a private vehicle instead of using the public transportation system. They are also looking for that same reliability in terms of quality, safety, and brand response when it comes to manufacturers.


“In this sense, manufacturers have to be even more aligned with the consumers preferences, not only in terms of products, but also to hear them and make them feel supported by the brand.”, says Scheel.


What are some of the elements that weigh in the decision of the female audience? Busier women or fulfilling different roles in society make utility and versatility key factors when choosing a vehicle. This, without leaving aside a demand for good design that reflects their lifestyles and a motor that fits the circumstances.


Some equipment that helps in the day, for instance, are the storage spaces beneath the seats, door locks sensitive to speed, keyless entry (that prevents to carry keys in your hands), cruise control, heated door mirrors, rear-view camera and sensors, just to name a few.  


When it comes to the driving aid systems, they possess: Autohold (that keeps the car brake in short detentions), stability control, hill start assist, dynamic control of the vehicle, curve brake, among others.


“Safety is an important item and in MG Motor besides including driving assistance systems in our equipment, we also offer a six-year guarantee which is longer than the average in the industry”, the Product & Sales Manager comments.



The feeling you get when driving is without a doubt part of the experience “that is why it is fundamental to book a test drive of the model you are interested in, to take it for a spin and see how you feel behind the wheel and check other details you might be looking for”, ends Scheel.