What makes SUVs so appealing to people?


Room and driving positions are some of the reasons why this type of model became more sought after people.


July 2021.- Many questions arise when looking for a car. From the engine, design, connectivity, equipment, and safety. As we know, it is not a simple purchase, but an investment to live new adventures.

Although they have been on the market for several years, it was only at the beginning of 2020 that Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) overtook passenger vehicles as the best-selling vehicle segment in the country. In the first six months of 2021, 73,926 units have been sold versus 54,182 passenger vehicles.

“Nowadays, we see people are looking to make smart choices when it comes to large purchases, especially in this pandemic context. SUVs are positioned as a practical, comfortable vehicle, with good size, technology, and design, at an affordable price that makes it a meaningful investment, given the mobility benefits it means for people,” says Christian Scheel, Product & Sales Manager of SAIC Motor, manufacturer and owner of MG Motor.

The question that arises is, why are SUVs so popular today? There are several answers we might give, but what is certain is their ability to combine the best of SUVs and city cars has made them, by far, the most attractive vehicles for consumers. This blend, added to the varied and attractive designs, mainly in terms of appearance and interior comfort, has made the category an unstoppable force in the automotive market.

“The national and international market has shown a notable preference for this type of vehicle because it allows driving around the city in an imposing and comfortable body, but without wasting as much fuel as a vehicle of another category. Besides the bonus of being able to move around in a larger car,” adds Scheel.

Gradually, SUVs have taken over the streets with their safe, comfortable, and practical appearance. These models have been able to reach the consumer, showing their qualities are ideal for urban areas providing an optimal displacement, perfect for families and for those who privilege space and fuel economy.


Perfect height

Whether to ease passenger access, to accommodate children in the back seat, or simply to have a better view on the road through the increased driver seat height, SUVs enjoy a volume that has attracted users’ attention for its practicality.



SUVs are ideal to drive around the city, but capable of facing less paved roads and also allow a greater degree of freedom than a sedan or hatchback due to their ground clearance, allowing their users to venture beyond the urban environment making them protagonists of incredible panoramas in terrains outside the cities.



With a body designed for the taste of modern consumers, the SUV delivers an aerodynamic design and elegant details. A vehicle that, undoubtedly, does not go unnoticed.


Happy passengers

As vehicles are designed for all types of journeys, the comfort of all passengers has also been taken into account. “Our SUV lineup offers panoramic roofs, which cover a large area of the roof, enhancing the travel experience for the rear seats by giving greater visibility to the outside. In models, such as the MG HS and MG ZS we also have USB ports in the rear area, so that people can charge their devices without having to ask the front passengers for a power outlet,” says the Product & Sales Manager. Additionally, there is more headroom and legroom for passengers, due to the vehicle’s silhouette.

“Although everyone indeed has different tastes, these cars are in the lead in terms of preferences. Whether for price, utility, design or mechanical features, consumers’ decisions have leaned toward this category because people see themselves having more opportunities to go out with this type of car,” concludes Scheel. 

In June, 13,682 SUVs were sold with the MG ZS being the best-selling model, accumulating 6,376 units.