The new MG ZX, arrives to complement the MG Z motor family

March 2021.- Santiago. March brings novelties for MG Motor, who release the new compact MG SUV ZX, that brings innovation on the design, safety, technology and motorization.


“In the year 2020 we were leaders on SUV sales with the MG ZS, and the arrival of this new model is here to reinforce the work we been doing on this segment, to complement the Z Family – where also you can find the MG electric ZS EV- pointing out to those customers that are looking for comfort in a vehicle like the ZS, although they like more technology and features”, confirm Christian Scheel, Product & Sales manager of SAIC Motor, manufacturer and owner of MG Motor. 


At first glance, the new design of the MG ZX can be noticed, for the front grille, which includes changes in the frontal and back bumpers. Also, a change in the fog lights and a new scheme for the 17” tires, that have red calipers in the four wheels. Another change are the LED lights in front (21 light units) as in the back (8 light units), which not only gives it a modern look, but also improves the vehicle lines.


On dimensions, the MG ZX has a length of 4,323 Mn, a width of 1,809 mm, a height of 1,653 and a distance between axis of 2,585 mm. The trunk keeps its volume that identifies the Z Family of 1,166 Lt with fold seats. 


Technology and safety


In terms of passenger protection, the MG ZX has 6 airbags and adds a series of systems such as the Electronic Stability Program (ESP), traction control system (TCS), hill hold control (HHC). This is with the ABS braking system with Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD), curve brake control (CBC) and Vehicle Dynamic control (VDC) and brake disc washing (BDW) which all our brand vehicles have.


The top-of-the-line version adds blind spot detection system (BSD), lane keep assist (LKA), rear cross-traffic alert (RCTA) and 360 degrees camera. 


Furthermore, the equipment includes a turn on button, keyless entry, digital air conditioner (with front and back exit), cruise control and tire pressure monitoring system. In addition, there is an option of three types of driving and as in all brand models there is a six-year warranty. 


The Trophy is added with Turbo engine


Another novelty in the arrival of the ZX, is the addition of the Trophy version to this family of products. This version has an instrument virtual 7” panel, similar to the MG HS version, which shows different information to the driver and sport seats (of Johnson Controls) with lumbar support, electric adjustment and heating.


The most noticeable feature is its 1.3 Lt turbo engine (154 Hp of power and 230 Nm of torque), EURO 6, with a six-speed automatic transmission provided by Aisin. “One of the benefits of this combination is that it allows smooth brand changes and better combustible efficiency”, points out the Product & Sales manager of SAIC Motor.


The other versions, adds the executive, “keeps the 1.5 Lt motorization in EURO 6, which can be associated to a mechanical transmission of five speeds or to a CVT transmission, which is one of the innovations introduced by the MG ZX”.


New interior experience


The cabin is also upgraded, improving the lines and spaces. Also, you can see the details with softer materials, sport needlework, leather gear leaver and the multipurpose steering wheel with flat bottom.


Something that distinguishes the Z Family is the panoramic roof, that gives brightness and width inside the SUV. The MG ZX is no exception, because it has this element that is 1,19 m2    with an opening area of 0.49 m2. “As we have said, this is something that draws attention of people and also works as an alternative when you don’t want to pull down the windows for safety, but you want some fresh air”, says Scheel.


Something that definitely draw attention in the new MG ZX, is its new infotainment, with a 10,1” Touch screen, that allows it to connect to Apple Carplay and also to Android Auto. The system also has Bluetooth and 5 USB ports connection. 


“With the introduction of the new MG ZX we are enforcing the update of the new brand products, giving people well known options of vehicles, adapting to different lifestyles and without a doubt will help to maintain MG on the top ten brands”, concludes Scheel.