MG Tips: Which is the main function of the air filters and when do I have to replace it?

However, for some people it could be an unnecessary piece, it’s a fundamental piece for the good engine function as for the ideal temperature inside the cabin.


February 2021.- A clean engine is a healthy engine. But this is not only on the exterior, it is also necessary that it is clean inside. To reach interior cleanliness there is one key piece to maintain the good health of the engine, and this is the air filters.  From MG Motor, some experts give their data and advice about the operation of this system, the importance of it and how to identify if it is the time to replace it.


First of all, it is necessary to point out that there are different types of filters. Generally, there are four filters: from the cabin, from the oil, from the fuel and from the air. The last one, it is considered the first line in the engine defense, because it allows it to get fresh air, which is a key component in the combustion process. This filter avoids damage in the engine from outside pollutants, dirt, dust and leaves.


Likewise, the ventilation system of the vehicle has a cabin filter to keep the flow of fresh air, that is to say, there are two filters: one for the engine and other for the cabin. As time goes by, both could be dirty and get obstructions, that is why it is necessary to go to the authorized technical service to replace it. 


For the last mentioned “purifier”, its main function is to avoid dust, dirt, pollen, bacteria and exhaust gases entering the HVAC system (air conditioner and ventilation). Also, avoids bugs, leaves and other waste that could obstruct the system. 


To Christian Scheel, Product Sales manager of SAIC Motor, manufacturer and owner of MG Motor, it is vital to clean the air inside the car, “because the cabin filter keep the environment inside the vehicle fresh, so the driver and the passengers could breathe in peace and feel good inside the cabin, this is valued all year long, especially in the allergy season and summer, or even in the new context of pandemic, because people prefer to go by car”


Some factors that show it is time for a change


There is no light that turns on when it is time to change the cabin air filter, there are some signals that might show it is time to replace the pieces. 



The first thing to consider is less air flow in the interior space of the vehicle, and this is the most noticeable. However, there are other factors like decrease in the heating and air conditioner performance, the sound of a rare whistle because of the entry conducts, or a humidity odor in the cabin. If you see one or more of these signs, it is likely that it is time to change the filter and take your car to the specialized technical service. In terms of frequency of the replacement, it is recommended to follow the brand maintenance advice.