MG Tips: 5 Tips on how to take care of your car

July 2020.- As any machine, and especially one that transports people, vehicles must be very well taken care to maintain its safety and comfort conditions. If well maintaining your car is simpler and faster today, there are some tips that users can do to enlengthen their vehicle’s service life.


“It’s the little details that allow us to keep our vehicles in the best conditions especially during quarantine, where cars are parked and need other types of attention. In the long run, it helps prevent repair costs or even do a good resale in the future,” comments Christian Scheel, Product & Sales Manager of SAIC Motor, owner and manufacturer of MG.


For many, a car is one more member of the family, so through MG Care our brand provides the following advices, so your car remains in optimal conditions. 


  • Twice a week at least, turn on the engine so its parts move, maintain well lubricated and the battery doesn’t die.


  • When it comes to the tires, remember to keep them at the pressure suggested by the user manual. This also helps prolong their service life.


  • If it’s possible, leave your car covered or parked under a roof, so that it’s not exposed to dust or rain, thus keeping the paint job for longer. If you don’t have a place to keep your car, a good solution could be a  cover to protect it from weather conditions.


  • If for example, you see a stain in the body from some bird that flew by, clean it as soon as possible since it may leave marks in the paint. Also, don’t forget about the interior and right after you turn on your car, try to ventilate it and turn on the air conditioner to prevent odors.


  • If you have any doubts regarding your car or see symbols in the console and don’t know why they are flashing, don’t worry and just look at the user manual where it explains its functioning, and other elements as the service schedule.