MG Motor driving electromobility: “This technology can lead us to be the only company of its kind in the region”

June 2020.- MG ZS EV’s arrival in December 2019 opened a new stage in our brand history, as we became a new player in electric mobility with this vehicle being the first fully electric SUV to arrive in some countries of the continent. Having a long-term vision, and as part of MG Care’s initiatives, we are participating in different areas of electromobility.


“Electromobility is a trend that is consolidating worldwide and there is still much to learn in this area (especially in Chile), so promoting this knowledge and delving into this technology would make us unparalleled in the region,” says Esteban Duran, after-sales manager for SAIC Motor Latin America, MG manufacturer, who participated in a virtual chat with students from the study center.


Theory and international experience are fundamental to make a proper diagnosis of electric vehicles, which is the reason why constant training of technicians is crucial, whether in large or smaller workshops. 


“We are in an era where everything related to internal combustion engines has already been done. Undoubtedly, the trend goes towards electrification. There are European countries where 50% of registrations are electric, its use in Asia is also undeniable, and in our continent an increasing number of vehicles with these characteristics are being sold, whether they are hybrids or plug-in hybrids,” says Duran.


“At MG, we made an important commitment with the MG ZS EV, which in addition to being a fully electric SUV, has the highest safety standards available while the technicians who have been trained on electric cars have been able to see the beauty that these vehicles have and continuing to further education is something we put a lot of passion into.”