Technological innovations that have simplified driver’s lives

December 2020.- Technological development has as its goal to make people’s lives easier. This has been the focus in the automotive industry (next to improvements in safety) that with the best experiences on board change the way we see a simple car into a travelling companion.


“Among this new equipment that transforms the life of those passengers riding a MG Motor model, some is focused to maintain safety, others to increase comfort or the entertainment in the vehicle”, Christian Scheel, Product & Sales Manager of SAIC Motor, manufacturer of MG, comments. All of them have as an objective delivering more confidence to the driver and to anyone who’s on board of one of the British-origin brand vehicles.


Some characteristics that can be found in our models are:


Hill Hold Control (HHC): Simplifies the life of those beginner drivers (or not beginners) that suffer every time they have to start their cars in an elevated gradient, since it prevents the car from going backwards. Models such as MG ZS, MG RX5 or MG HS include this feature.


Autohold: It is very practical when stopping at traffic or at a red light. The Autohold system detects that the vehicle has stopped for a few seconds and activates the brake. This allows the driver to release the pedal and rest its foot. Autohold deactivates only when the accelerator is stepped on. 


Keyless entry:  When going out in a hurry, more than once we might forget our keys in the house, office or even worst: inside our car. This function was designed so there’s no need to take the keys out of your pocket and you can unlock the vehicle by only touching its handle (as long as the key is nearby).


Rear-view Camera: Eases and improves the vision of the driver when parking backwards or when going into reverse. It comes with proximity sensors that warn the distance between the vehicle and another point, it also comes with assistance lines in green and red, that determine the turn capacity of the car and really makes life simpler when finding a parking spot with limited space. In the case of the MG 5, its camera has 360° vision.


Touchscreen: Smartphones were such a big revolution that the telephone industry even influenced vehicle systems, turning an analog console into digital and touch. This changed the experience of all passengers making connectivity more comfortable and using smartphones for a longer time with calls through Bluetooth and music. This complemented by the multifunction wheel prevents the driver from looking at the radio while driving.


Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane Keep Assist (LKA): Is very useful for those drivers that are considered “clueless”, since it controls trajectory of the vehicle so that it doesn’t detour while driving and keeps it inside road limits (LKA). The LDW system is activated when the driver changes lanes without using indicators which is considered an “involuntary maneuver” and it appears on the control screen with a warning followed by a sound to prevent crashes or accidents.


Christian Scheel, Product & Sales Manager of SAIC Motor manufacturer of MG, comments that automotive technology has “helped cover some aspects that changed passengers’ lives making the experience more comfortable. The end of it is that people focus on what truly is important and that the new systems and equipment allow greater confidence on board.”