How to not skip car maintenance and keep the warranty for a longer time

With a reactivation of 90.1%, compared to the same period of the previous year, new cars take over the automotive market and maintenance becomes a fundamental factor to extend their useful life.

Agosto 2021.- After a period of stagnation in the automotive market, the numbers began to move again to close in July with accumulated sales of 217,083 new units. This reactivation means an increase of 90.1% compared to the same period of 2020, according to the latest report on the automotive market from the Chilean National Automotive Association.

However, something very important for taking care of the car and that many do not consider when purchasing a vehicle, is periodic maintenance.


Periodic maintenance

One of the main elements for a vehicle to last longer and be at its best performance is to keep maintenance up to date and in authorized places. In this way we prevent certain problems that may appear with use and time, in addition to avoiding surprise visits to the mechanic that can end up meaning an important and unforeseen expense, and even lose the factory warranty by preferring unauthorized places.

That's why manufacturers recommend checking the car every certain mileage and they specify the changes and revisions that must be made in each revision. However, this can be an expense that we don't consider when we are buying a car and that, in the long term, we must make.

“Vehicles naturally wear out. There are several external factors that, no matter how rigorous we are in taking care of them, affect our cars, whether it is streets in poor condition or even the same use”, says Rubén Muñoz, Aftersales Specialist at SAIC Motor, owner and manufacturer of MG. "The truth is that maintenance is essential and skipping it can mean future consequences such as loss of warranty," warns the expert.

That’s why MG Motor, thought of its clients and developed MG Care, a maintenance prepayment program, where users can have a better use of guarantees and don't worry about spending more, since the price is included within the car fees.

“This modality is available for all the brand's models. In this way, we ensure that we maintain the quality of our products, which have a guarantee of 6 years or 120 thousand kilometers, being one of the most extensive on the market ”, concludes Muñoz.

In Chile, the brand leads the ranking of SUV sales with 6,812 units sold until July of its MG ZS model, already exceeding what was done during 2020, in which 5,886 were sold. In addition, a portfolio that has the perfect hatchback for young drivers, with a modern design and the latest technology, such as the MG 3. However, if it is a larger car you are looking for, the MG ZX with 4,323 mm long and 1.809 mm wide will be your choice, this model also includes features such as a 10.1 ″ touch screen and the brand's faithful exterior design.