MG ZS EV: moving efficiently with electromobility

March 2020.- Each year, we are more conscious of the way we move and energy efficiency is increasingly important for both governments and the private sector. Of course, this is an issue that also moves the automotive industry, since combustion vehicles are one of the main sources of CO2 emissions, and therefore one of the factors of Global Warming.


Created in 1998, during the International Efficiency Conference in Austria, World Energy Efficiency Day is celebrated today, March 5, to promote the conscious and responsible use of energy.


“One of the challenges we have as an industry is to promote more vehicle options that use renewable energy sources and reduce the use of fossil fuels. Our purpose as a brand, through the MG ZS EV, is to be both a contribution and a real option for people looking to move more efficiently, optimizing the use of energy without neglecting the quality of life,” says Christian Scheel, Product & Sales Manager of SAIC Motor, MG’s owner and manufacturer.


At the end of 2019, we launched the MG ZS EV, the first 100% electric SUV pioneer in South America. With a 44,5-kWh lithium-ion battery (141 hp of power and a torque of 353 Nm), the vehicle has a range of 335 kilometers (NEDC), 263 km WLTP range, and 428 km maximum range (60km/h).


Increasing demand


“One of the things that surprised us is people’s interest in the MG ZS EV. Although at first, we focused more on the fleet or corporate segment, many individuals have approached us to ask about the electric SUV, which indicates a change in people’s vision,” adds Scheel. 


While electric prices are still higher compared to combustion engines, the progress in battery development and the increasing demand for environmentally friendly vehicles in recent years have rapidly decreased their value. For the MG ZS EV, this is favorable, as it is positioned as one of the most affordable 100% electric vehicles on the market.


“If we look into the future, electrics are going to be more and more economical. But even now, you can see the benefits of this car, especially for companies that have cars roaming around the city all day long, as the maintenance costs of the MG ZS EV over its lifetime are much lower compared to a conventional vehicle, which compensates the initial investment,” adds the Product & Sales Manager.


Besides reducing CO2 and other gases that are harmful to health and the environment, electric cars also help reduce noise pollution since they do not emit noise. The MG ZS EV “has the European certification for the control of hazardous substances, which allows it to have a recycling and reuse rate of 95%. This means that even when the MG ZS EV completes its life cycle, it is efficient in the final stage of the SUV,” concluded Scheel.